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Welcome to the official website of Jardinage Interiors LLP. We are locate in Arlington, Texas, U.S.A.. We have been specializing in interior Tropical Plant Care, plant installations and leases since 1986, making us one of Texas’s most experienced interior landscape firms. We hope you enjoy you visit to our website and be sure and come back soon.

A Note From Our Owner:

We live in exciting and ever changing times. In the fast-paced world of high technology and instantaneous communication, it seems as if the simple things in life are making a resurgence. More than ever, the environment and health related issues are becoming key issues in our workplace. We are fortunate to be in an industry that helps to make people happy, healthy and more productive. Interior plants have been proven improve air quality in closed buildings (N.A.S.A., Sick Building Syndrome), increase productivity and dramatically improve the appearance of static interiors.

Our Approach To Customer Service:

Jardinage Interiors LLP believes in creating an atmosphere of friendly and direct communication between the tropical plant specialist and the client. This promotes the customization of service work that best suites the changing requirements of our clients. The knowledge gained from relationships with our clients is data-based in our office in an effort to maintain the special requirements of each of our clients.

Jardinage Interiors LLP has, for several years, focused on developing an advanced scientific approach to interior landscape maintenance through education and study. Another focus of this scientific approach has been the development of pest management programs implementing non-chemical, environmentally responsible solutions. Many of the insects and disease problems that plague interior plants can be controlled through natural and biological methods. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is our commitment to safe and non-toxic pest control. A solution our hotel and hospital clients find invaluable.

Our Company:

Jardinage Interiors LLP has a strong design and consultation team. Our staff is available to visit the project site and provide a solution that considers budget, function, aesthetics and environmental concerns

Our guaranteed plant maintenance service insures that your investment will retain its value for years to come. Our trained service technicians service your plants on a regular weekly schedule while providing sound horticulture services.

David Spann, Manager

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